2. "I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."
    — Tracee Ellis Ross, in an interview for UPTOWN (via larmoyante)

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  3. Bicol, April 2014

  4. Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

    A different birthday treat for this year was a chance to visit to Burot Beach, one of the beaches yet to be developed here in the Philippines (thinking that it’s now owned by SMDC). We had to camp overnight, cooked ourselves our meals and had to save ourselves water to take a bath. It was quite an experience nonetheless! :)

    Photos taken with S4.

  5. Baler in January (Part 2)

  6. Baler in January


  7. There will be times in your lifetime that you will love a person more than you should.


  8. Adios, 2013!! Lessons learned, experiences earned.

    So much has happened, I may want to remember you — just to look back, without pain and bitterness — but I’m never gonna return again. Thank you, nonetheless. :)


  9. Taking a Leap.

    2013 is finally coming to an end. Not that I am too ecstatic to have the year ending, it’s that feeling of entering another “chapter in our lives” that is more comparable for the thought that I have.

    2013. How do I even begin while ending it? It was a year of a big turnover. A time when a lot of things, transitions particularly, have slightly overruled my last 20 years of existence.

    There’s much I could tell, a can of feelings waiting to be poured out but I insist on keeping shorter post than I originally planned to. Then it boiled down to three all-text summaries. 

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    Last (mid)night, I posted the first batch of some of the photos I took during our short Baguio getaway. Aside from my mother and I’s visit to Bencab Museum, we also had a market shopping spree at the La Trinidad where we bought a significant number of vegetables. We even joked saying that if anyone would ask us what we did in Benguet, we’ll just reply, “ay, namalengke lang.” Haha! Alright, anyway….

    Too bad though there weren’t much time to roam around but we did go to the Cathedral, The Hill Station and Burnham Park which was just an intersection away from where we stayed. Hours before we boarded the bus, my father and I went to Mt. Cloud Bookshop which I, since long ago, been dreaming of going to and alas! The bookstore is indeed worth of paying a visit! Books there ranged from Philippine history, travel books and catalogues to fiction ones to children’s books and a lot more!:D

    Also, as Mt Cloud’s just beside Hill Station which has a very cozy ambiance, we decided to have a short coffee time before we finally go. I’ll definitely try the food there the next time!! :D



    Cutest sections imo of Mt Cloud Bookshop 




    The view just outside of our dorm.




    Spectacular view of La Trinidad: fruits and vegetables! :)

    The most interesting part of this visit was when I decided to walk myself to Burnham Park to take some photos. Putting my parents’ worries aside, there was no stopping me from doing this short photowalk thing. Til when would I be able to go back there anyway? Might as well do it! There was this girl with her parents (same as I was!) who poked and asked me if they could have there photo taken as a family. Of course, without hesitations, I said yes immediately. Albeit being pretty random, it’s got me a good vibe! Here’s their photo:


    Also those which were taken while I was loitering in Burnham Park. Got the hang of black and white with nostalgic feel so…